Plan Price : 25000

Diabetes is known as greatest threat of the society in 21st century. India is considered as capital of diabetes in the whole world being at second rank after china in terms of prevalence of diabetes. Looking at increasing number of diabetes cases in India, it is predicted that in near future we may beat china in this matter. Also now diabetes is seen in more younger age and more complications are there, which also progresses very fast in our country.

Good news is that Diabetes Type 2 can be reversed. Our scientific evidence based protocol will help you to reverse your Diabetes.

Join us to start your journey for Diabetes Reversal.

Step 1. Registration

Step 2. Diabetes Education

Step 3. Screening for Metabolic health and Complications to check eligibility for Diabetes Reversal

Step 4. Diabetes Reversal Program


Diabetes Reversal Program involves protocol based therapeutic diet, structured exercise program, mindfulness and consultation with our experts Diabetologists, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, Diabetes Educators, Psychologist and life coaches.

► Personalised whatsapp coaching

► Weekly Personalized Session

► Monthly Group Sessions

► Dr Diabeat Healthbox (Glucose meter, BP apparatus, Weight scale, Measure tape, Dumbbells)

► Continuous Glucose Monitoring*

► Health tracking

► 24x7 support

Join us to know your current stage of diabetes and our experts will guide you to start your Diabetes REVERSAL. Depending on your current stage you may require 3 month to 1 year to start your Diabetes Reversal. 


1 Year: 25000 INR



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